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ISBN 9788176564120
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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788176564120

ISBN-10 8176564125


Language (English)

General studies

andSoftware superpower Microsoft’s. NET platform will finally bring to an end the ugly caste system in programmingandlanguages. No language in this environment is more superior than the other.Code written in this environment is more superior than the other .Code written in any. NET language –whether it is C#, VB Script or Perl – is finally converted to the Microsoft Intermediate language or MSIL. Microsoft first designed the Intermediate Language and then built all its products and languages to compile to it thereby facilitating code reuse. As a result, a class written in COBOL can be referencedandin VB Script and invoked from C# in ASP.NET.andThis book is a must –read for anyone who wants to understand what the.NET world is all about, particularly the concepts of the path –breaking MSIL.andandTable of ContentsandIntroductionandIntroduction to Microsoft’s ILandIL BasicsandSelection and IterationandKeywords and OperatorsandOperator OverloadingandReference and Value TypesandPointersandMethodsandProperties and IndexesandException HandlingandDelegates and EventsandArraysandThe Other Odds and EndsandExternal DLLsandA GUI Application in ILandandAppendix 1andandandandandand Managed C++andAppendix 2andandandandandand Demystifying ildasm.exeandGlossary