ISBN 9788170290544,C Under DOS Test

C Under DOS Test


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788170290544

ISBN-10 8170290546


Number of Pages 121 Pages
Language (English)

General studies

Are you the head of personnel or of human resources or the EDP chief of a company that believes in using the latest technologies? Or even the top man? If so you must be one of those who suffer from 'software professional' interview nightmares. Preparing questions to ask at an interview is in polite terms a pain in the #$$! You may also be a software professional who'd like to do a self-test to check how much you know of a particular package. If you are any of the above you will find this book a treasure chest. It's packed with questions. Questions. And more questions. Questions that will ruthlessly stretch any programmer's skills to their limits. Multiple choice questions and short one-liners. All prepared by experts in the field. With this book it's child's play to put together a test covering the entire software package or probing one aspect in detail. For the average time for each answer is given as also the points for a correct answer And to make evaluation easy the correct answers are provided too! For a quick and very accurate evaluation of C under DOS knowledge this book is a must.