ISBN 9781107607040,Cambridge Express Teachers Book 6

Cambridge Express Teachers Book 6



Cambridge University Press


ISBN 9781107607040

ISBN-10 1107607043

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Number of Pages 127 Pages
Language (English)

English language teaching

Cambridge Express is a multi-skill course in English for the primary and the secondary school levels. This edition has been specially prepared keeping in view the requirements of schools that have adopted the system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE). The course aims at developing learners' language and communication skills through carefully designed, interactive tasks and exercises. In view of the rapid changes in the English language over the last decade, Cambridge Express also aims to equip learners with self-learning skills. The course adopts a novel approach that provides opportunities for learners to interact with textual material, internalise the structure and logic of the language, and create fresh content.

The Teacher's Book presents general guidelines for teaching the various skills and sub-skills in English. In the CCE edition, a brief section with an annual planner, examination structure and scheme of evaluation of scholastic components has been included.

Key Features:
An exhaustive answer key to the exercises in the Student's Book and Workbook
A complete transcript of all listening tasks
Additional unit-wise Formative Assessment activities
Two model Formative Assessment question papers
Two model Summative Assessment question papers