ISBN 9788126905768,Career Excellence (Volume - 2)

Career Excellence (Volume - 2)


G. Ram Kumar


Atlantic Books



Atlantic Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788126905768

ISBN-10 812690576X


Number of Pages 280 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Career Excellence covers a wide range of topics that are pertinent and useful for the modern executive in today's complex ever-changing corporate environment.

In this book readers will find among other things, life-making skills like how to:

Write an attractive CV
Excel in job interviews
Communicate effectively
Sport the right attitudes
Think positively
Believe in yourself
Value dignity of labor and people
Thrive in change
Keep learning & updating yourself
Manage time, people, conflicts or stress
Take on the trials and tribulations of your career
Develop quality consciousness in your pursuit of excellence
Provide top-of-the-line leadership
Human values
These skills just go beyond being merely relevant and are enduring skills that will not change for a long time.
Mind you, the stakes are a lifetime!

Comprising of 21 chapters and more than 100 essays, Career Excellence -- Vol. I & Vol. II is power-packed with practical observations and guidelines. Presented in a simple, easy-to-understand language, this book will be of immense help to everyone interested in empowering their career.

Remember, if anyone is interested in your job career it is you - not your boss, not your peers nor your subordinates - it's you & you alone who is going to make the difference with career excellence!

About the Author
G. Ram Kumar works with Affiliated Computer Services, India (ACS) a premier IT services provider based in the USA. Prior to this, he had successful stints at Juno Online, one of the top Internet Service Provider in US and with ICICI Bank, India's largest private sector bank. He is very passionate about his work and keen observer of people around him.

A voracious reader since his teens, Ram became interested in writing. It was just a case of taking hobby too seriously and the efforts culminated in Career Excellence, his first book for everyone interested in career development. His keen sense of observation and interactions with many executives came handy in the concept and design of this book.

Ram is an MCA and also he is certified by Cisco Systems Inc, USA as Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Ram Kumar is one of the founder trustees of SKetch, a Tamil Nadu-based NGO involved in women education and empowerment initiatives and sits on the board of the Governing Council of Trustees of SKetch.

Coming it may as surprise to readers, the author of this book is just 26 yrs!

Table of Contents
Vol. II--1. Be the perfect boss-Win Your employees' trust
Duties of a Manager
Assessment by objectives
Five Useful managerial skills
(1) Delegate to deliver
(2) Control, not drift
(3) Meeting Manners
(4) Negotiation Skills
(5) Decision-making Skills
2. Vicissitudes along Your career journey At career crossroads-Steer Your career
Coping with recessions
Dealing with career disappointments
3. Getting IT Right-IT @ work
E-mail etiquette
Tips for Net search
4. Re-skill yourself-Learning is Forever
Shape Up or Ship Out
5. Money Matters-Save for the Rainy Day!
When asking for a raise
6. The Art of Managing People-You are the Decisive Element
Interact and get Networked (Interpersonal
Know Your People
People Matter Most
(1) Right man for the Right Job
(2) Training and Development-7. Managing Conflicts-Taking on the Toughie
Handling Grievances and Counseling-8. Manage Your Stress-The Over-workaholic Executive-9. A Congenial Environment-Why Celebrations?
My Job Philosophy
Ten Simple Things to Look Smart and Feel
Good at Work-10. Excellence in Job Performance-Ten Ways to Stay Effective @ Work
The Man behind the Counter
Quality that Matters
Plan the Work, Work the Plan
Team Work Works!
Handling Blunder @ Work-11. The Effective Leader-Leadership by Empowerment
Which one are You? Leader or Boss
Are you Manager or Leader?-12. The Effective CEO
Sky is the Limit!
Leadership by Example
Recognise and Reward your People-13. Human values for you
Living Better with Personal Ethics
Organisation and Yourself-14. Beyond career's horizon
In the end
It's all up to You