ISBN 9788183860666,Catching the Departed

Catching the Departed


Tara Press



Tara Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788183860666

ISBN-10 8183860664


Number of Pages 258 Pages
Language (English)

Suspense and Thriller

At a sleepy village, ten kilo-meters from Rewari, a lawyer is found dead. There are no tears at his funeral. The family is quiet-an alcoholic would have only increased their misery. Everyone forgets him. Even the police. One year later, on a covert mission, a young investigative journalist named Andy Karan arrives in Rewari. As he begins to unravel the past, within days, he discovers a shadowy parallel life in the village. Instances dont add up and he is quick to realise that there are many loose ends around the drunkards death. And connections reach far and wide-to Mumbai, Murud Janjira island and even the high seas of the western seaboard. But he is kidnapped, drugged and released in Delhi, hurt but alive and the magazine withdraws him from the case.

Andy, who has worked 5 years in the army, is approached by an old man high up in government who wants the web torn apart. Its a challenge that can cost even his life. Andy accepts it and is sucked into a sea of lies, deceit and violence. But to make matters worse the old man vanishes without a trace. With him Andys sole link with the government breaks. Monica, his editor, hunts him down and he is forced to drop the investigation.

But as a dutiful investigator and an ex army man, he knows turning his back would cost thousands of lives. He knows too much and faces seem to emerge. If he left the case he wouldnt survive a day-killed by a truck. Stand Modus Operandi for those who knew too much. And at that tragic moment, for the first time in his life, Andy falls in love. Catching the departed is a story of a honest investigative journalist who is caught between state sponsored retribution of two warring nations and politicians who wouldnt stop at anything, not even the end of the world. And he is all of 30-patriotic, vulnerable and expendable. Attributes that cant guarantee his survival.