ISBN 9788184081541,Chanakya A Great Visionary

Chanakya A Great Visionary



Indiana Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788184081541

ISBN-10 8184081545

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In Mahabharta the great epic which recounts the triumph of righteousness and joy in the family and a kingdom, there is a wonderful formula for human happiness which Chanakya says, "The root of happiness is Dharma.

The teachings of Chanakya are the real nourishment of life. Even if years and centuries go by, even if natural calamities change the face of the planet, the teaching of the great beings spring forth anew. Or from time to time they are unearthened old treasure perhaps, but still alive with consciousness still essentials. Such teachings are never destroyed; nor does the subtle presence of such divine beings ever diminish. This is something quite reassuring to keep in mind; that which is truly precious can never be extinguished