ISBN 9781849920209,Charlie Small: Forest Of Skulls

Charlie Small: Forest Of Skulls


Charlie Small



David Fickling Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781849920209

ISBN-10 1849920206


Number of Pages 132 Pages
Language (English)
Whisked away by his old adversaries, the Perfumed Pirates of Perfidy, Charlie is put to work aboard their new galleon. Held captive and forced to raid an unsuspecting ship with the bloodthirsty crew, Charlie is sure things can't get much worse? Until the pirates spot an enormous blunt-headed, sharp-toothed whale. A terrible battle ensues as the pirates try to harpoon the beast and Charlie tries his best to stop them. nnWill Charlie and the whale escape from the evil pirate crew?s clutches? And, more importantly, will Charlie Small EVER find his way home? About the Author Charlie Small is a keen amateur explorer. His interests include swinging through jungles, cooking for pirates, puppet skills and lassoing. He is also rather handy with a cutlass, and can swim underwater without oxygen. Charlie's current whereabouts is a matter of some speculation; however, his mother assures us that he will be home in time for tea. Table of Contents Buckaneering boys' books to grip the most reluctant reader,...should prove irresistible to reader of seven and upward,My seven year old couldn't put it down