ISBN 9788132113485,Christmas in Calcutta : Anglo-Indian Stories and Essays

Christmas in Calcutta : Anglo-Indian Stories and Essays



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788132113485

ISBN-10 8132113489

Hard Back

Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)

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Boasting the largest Anglo-Indian population in the world, Calcutta is a medley of cultures. It merges both the old and the new, the conventional and the radical. In this collection of stories and essays, prominent Anglo-Indian writers touch upon a variety of topics, mainly Identity, Faith, Education and Community Care. The book uses memoirs to tell the story of Calcutta through real individuals who have experienced it throughout their lives. It brings out the vibrancy of this often-overshadowed subculture of people and discusses how they perceive India in all its colours and fragrances. The book leaves readers with a compassionate and endearing vision of the world of Anglo-Indians, explaining how the often stereotyped community is breaking out of its image and showing the world what it really is. About Robyn Andrews Robyn Andrews is currently an academician working as a Senior Lecturer in the Social Anthropology Programme at Massey University, New Zealand. She obtained her doctoral degree in 2005 and studied Calcutta's Anglo-Indian community during the course. She currently follows research into the lives and diaspora of Anglo-Indians, focussing on their evolution as a subculture. She was awarded a Massey University Women's Award in 2009 for her contributions to the field.