ISBN 9789381904374,Clashing Titans: Military Strategy and Insecurity Among Asian Great Powers

Clashing Titans: Military Strategy and Insecurity Among Asian Great Powers



Knowledge World Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381904374

ISBN-10 9381904375


Number of Pages 384 Pages
Language (English)


Asian inter-state relations are in flux. As Asian states growricher and more developed, they are accumulating military power asa way of securing themselves. China has one of the most dynamiceconomies in the world today. But Chinas military power is alsogrowing. Chinese military modernization has had cascading effectsnot just in Asia but also in global terms. This has seriousconsequences for Asian stability. Chinas military modernisationwould directly impact on the region, particularly on countries likeIndia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Similarly, as Indiamodernises its forces, there would be almost simultaneousenhancement of defense capabilities by Pakistan. In addition, thereare external powers such as the US whose military power alsoimpacts on the region. This book addresses the increasingly tensestrategic situation in Asia as these major powers interact andreact to each other