ISBN 9780954532819,Competing for Choice: Developing winning brand strategies

Competing for Choice: Developing winning brand strategies


Lars Finskud


Vola Press Limited



Vola Press Limited

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780954532819

ISBN-10 0954532813


Number of Pages 134 Pages
Language (English)

Educational strategies & policy

Every manager knows that robust strategy plays a crucial role in any enterprise. Yet for all the volumes that have been written on the subject, two things remain true. Strategy is complex, and many companies still get it wrong.

This book is about choice. It starts from the idea that a single purpose underlies all business strategy: competing for choice. Businesses compete for the choice of customers or consumers. Not only that, they also compete for the choice of other key stakeholders, including employees, partners, and investors. Brands play a pivotal role in this process: they are the vehicles or focal points that businesses use in competing for choice. The proposition, qualities, image, and values that businesses provide and embed in their brands are the basis for earning the choice of customers and stakeholders.

But competing for choice isnt easy. Todays rapidly changing world of profound geopolitical upheavals, industry deregulation, growing competitive intensity, newly empowered consumers, and multiple stakeholders means that management must earn the choice of all stakeholders under conditions that are complex and dynamic. Despite this, companies frequently make important strategic decisions on the basis of intuition rather than solid fact. A deep understanding of the dynamics of business and brand choice would help them to make much more robust strategic decisions.

Competing for Choice provides just such an understanding. The approach it describes has been developed through years of research and practice, and tried, tested, and refined through work with many different industries and brands. It shows senior managers how to rethink strategy and allocate their investments more effectively and radically improve their business performance as a result.

About the Author
Lars Finskud is a director and founder of Vanguard Brand Management. He has 14 years of experience in management consulting, the past 12 dedicated specifically to brand value creation and management.

Table of Contents
Competing for choice
Uncovering hidden potential for growth
Balancing stakeholder choices
Managing the dynamics of brand performance
Building brand competencies for competitive advantage
Appendix: The evolution of business strategy