ISBN 9788184080537,Complete Guide Of Naturopathy

Complete Guide Of Naturopathy



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Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788184080537

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Your vital force of your body is the storehouse of your physical strength, your vigour, your ebullience and your verb. Its ebb and flow determines the state of your health. A sickly pale face, a persistent headache, malfunctioning bowels are all indications of diminished vital force. Maintaining it can ward off disease. For that a person has to follow some simple rules with regard to sleep, fresh air sunlight and clean habits. SLEEP:- The best source of your vital force is sleep. Sleep not only gives you sure ease from labour, but also replenishes the source of energy. The expenditure of energy during sleep is minimal, but now far a sleeping man will recover what he has lost during waking hours will depend on his way of life. SUNLIGHT:- After sleep, sunlight is the element which helps restore your vital force. Just as a plant will whiter away without sunlight, a human being deprived of it will be pale and sickly. It gives the green colour to the plants and adds the red to your