ISBN 9788131210451,Computer Networks

Computer Networks






Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788131210451

ISBN-10 8131210456


Edition 4th edition
Number of Pages 806 Pages
An updated and newly revised version, this 4th edition provides a better, comprehensive and practical understanding of computer networks that takes place in the contemporary world. The author probes into the functioning of key technologies and various protocols that are used for the solving of various issues. The expanded coverage in this book provides for better knowhow of all the Network Designs, Innovative and Interesting applications.
The book broadens one’s understanding of computer networks and their building blocks through the extensive use of examples. Instructions through the use of examples give the network administrator, developer, designers a better perspective on the why of various network designs. An important feature of this edition is that the author has used less of computer code for explaining protocols as compared to the earlier edition where a lot of computer code has been used.
There are nine chapters in total in Computer Networks: A System Approach. The book starts off with an Introduction to the subject titled Foundation. Internetworking, End-to-End Protocols, End-to-End Data, and Applications are few of the other chapters in the book.
The inclusion of sidebar discussion is an added advantage and so are the addition of innumerable exercises and solutions. The book features manuals for lab experiments and downloadable Opnet network simulation software. It comes supplemented with up-to-date materials on computer networks, notes of various lectures, PowerPoint slides for easy comprehension of various topics, eps figures, and sockets programming assignments like UNIX.
As a book that comprehensively introduces you to the various features of networking it is definitely a must have for all those who are pursuing any relevant course on computer networks. The supply of information and concepts in a well constructed and illustrative manner helps individuals to know many things about networking, its features and its principles.
About Larry L. Peterson
Larry L. Peterson is a Professor and the Vice President of Verivue, Inc.
He is the co-author of a number of other books like Wireless Networking Complete and Wireless Networking Complete.
He was awarded the IEEE Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award. In 1985, he received his Doctorate from Purdue University. He worked for Cisco Systems and was awarded a Fellowship. He is PlanetLab Consortium’s Director, Princeton University Computer Science Professor, and also the Chief Scientist of Verivue, Inc. His main area of interest is transport protocols, and routing.

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