ISBN 9789350570722,Concise Dictionaries (Set of 5 Books)

Concise Dictionaries (Set of 5 Books)


V & S Publishers



V & S Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350570722

ISBN-10 9350570726


Language (English)

English Learning & Teaching

V&S Publishers has brought for you dictionaries of terms in science, physics, chemistry, biology & mathematics to make science simpler for you. The terms have been arranged alphabetically for quick reference. Suitable explanations of terms that have come into public domain recently also find mention. The standard of explanation has been kept at a level of understanding expected from an average secondary and senior secondary student. Illustrations and examples, at appropriate places, have been given. Readers who have not made a special study of any science subject will have also be able to grasp the definitions. Important scientific charts, tables, constants, conversion tables, etc., have been included as appendices to make this dictionary more useful. A glossary of Nobel Prize winners and their contributions is an added attraction.