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Corporate Transformation




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Publication Year 1997-09-30

ISBN 9780792397670

ISBN-10 0792397673


Number of Pages 535 Pages
Language English
by Professor Alessandro Sinatra xi There are two categories which divide academic writing. The first category is made up of those which gather and systemize a developed thought, while the second is made up of those which detail a learning process which is presently occurring. This book belongs to the second category. It is intended to offer evidence of a still continuing research process which began three years ago. This reseach, undertaken simultaneously in Europe, the United States and Japan, has provided interesting evidence as to the conditions which must be present within a company in order to ensure continuous change. The object of our research has been to galvanize academics and managers into a debate which is especially relevant today: that of the ability of a company to anticipate or respond to changes which are occurring in its environment. Today more than ever, the ability to change culture and organizational structure are conditions which ensure a company's success, or more often, permit its survival. This book offers ten case studies about ten different large international firms, and about how they approached the problem of strategic change. In addition, there are ten articles which analyze the empirical evidence presented in the cases, and which try to provide and develop a general framework which can be used in a variety of situations. The cases represent an empirical base of reference. For the manager, they can serve as a source of benchmarking with the present situation of herlhis company.