ISBN 9788120332577,Creating The Accountable Organization: A Practical Guide To Improve Performance Execution

Creating The Accountable Organization: A Practical Guide To Improve Performance Execution



Phi Learning Private Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788120332577

ISBN-10 8120332571


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


Who This Book Is For: Leaders and change agents at any level within an organization who are ready to move to the next level of excellence and success; those who are stuck in a "plateau" within your organization and who are ready to take the next step up. Objective: To create an accountable organization. To develop a culture where people at all levels of the organization can be counted on to keep their commitments and agreements. To provide strategies and techniques for increasing both individual and shared accountability. Approach: To challenge preconceived notions of leadership and management at all levels. To use proven, practical methods based on years of experience implementing change. To instill a culture of accountability, leadership, teamwork, and goal enhancement. Why You'll Want to Read This Book: Because you want to excel in and throughout your career. Because you are not afraid to take charge and lead. Because you are motivated and don't fear shouldering responsibility and being accountable for your actions and those of your organization. How This Book Can Help You: Understanding the principles and realities of accountability will help you achieve what matters most to you and your company. It will enable you to achieve stellar results and ensure your long-term success within your organization. Table of Contents Introduction Achieve Breakthrough Results Glossary of Terms Part One: Break Away From Old Leadership Paradigms Chapter 1: Unleash Ability Through Accountability Chapter 2: Create an Accountable Culture: Stop Avoiding the Real Issues! Chapter 3: Three Traps of Ineffective Leadership Chapter 4: The Formula to Achieve Breakthroughs Chapter 5: Leadership Roles that Produce Breakthrough Results Part Two: Six Strategies For Leading With Accountability Chapter 6: Strategy-1: From Empty Platitudes to Clear Direction Chapter 7: Strategy-2: Translating Clear Direction into Non-Negotiable Priorities Chapter 8: Strategy-3: Execution: The Key to High Performance Chapter 9: Strategy-4: Proactive Recovery: The Secret to Accountable Performance Execution Chapter 10: Strategy-5: Create a Plan for Change that Guarantees Results Chapter 11: Strategy-6: Communicate to Influence "Nonbelievers" Chapter 12: Get Started: Your Next Steps to Achieve Breakthrough Results Index