ISBN 9780070590250,Data Structures With C++

Data Structures With C++



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780070590250

ISBN-10 0070590257


Number of Pages 416 Pages
Language (English)

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Over 119,000 computer science majors and advanced placement students enroll yearly in required Data Structures/Computer Science II classes, and C++ is the language they use. Adhering to the new ISO standard for C++ (which has rendered previous C++ guides obsolete) Schaum's presents the most up-to-date study guide on Data Structures, simplifying and demonstrating difficult concepts through solved problems and examples. Salient Features Full coverage of Computer Science I-II,using the computing language taught by 83% of all colleges Simplified explanations of recursion, logic, polymorphism, algorithms, and more 455 solved problems in computer science, including step-by-step annotations Examples and worked problems that help you master data structures with C++ Table of content :- Chapter 1: Review of C++ Chapter 2: Pointers and Arrays Chapter 3: Classes Chapter 4: Recursion Chapter 5: Stacks Chapter 6: Queuses Chapter 7: Lists Chapter 8: Tables Chapter 9: Trees Chapter 10: Binary Trees Chapter 11: Search Trees Chapter 12: Heaps and Priority Queues Chapter 13: Sorting Appendix A: References Appendix B: Essential Mathematics Appendix C: Standard Container Classes Appendix D: Generic Algorithms Appendix E: Example Classes Index