ISBN 9780761936176,Democracy, Development and Discontent in South Asia

Democracy, Development and Discontent in South Asia


Veena Kukreja


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761936176

ISBN-10 0761936173

Hard Back

Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)


This book deals with the issues of democracy, development and discontent in the general context of South Asia and the specific contexts of the major countries of the region. Major challenges confronting democracy and development in South Asia?including the interface between multicultural identity, democracy and development in India; movement for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan; and the Maoist movement and its democratic accommodation in Nepal?are part of the detailed discussions in the book. Democracy, Development and Discontent in South Asia comprises latest analysis of data by well known scholars in the field, clear conceptualization, and fresh theoretical organization and interpretation. The parameters for the analyses include ethnicity, multiculturalism, democracy and authoritarianism, economic reforms, armed rebellion and movement for democracy, peace through confidence building measures, trade and development, and federal pressures?constitutional and devolutionary?in these countries. This book would greatly interest students and academicians in the field of South Asian Studies, Pakistan Studies, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Sociology, Development Studies and Journalism. Table of Contents Preface Introduction MAHENDRA PRASAD SINGH and VEENA KUKREJA Multicultural Identity and Democracy in India MAHENDRA PRASAD SINGH Restoration of Democracy in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis of Political Culture and Historical Legacy SALEEM QURESHI Democracy and Authoritarianism in Bangladesh VEENA KUKREJA India: A Failed Democratic Developmental State? NIRAJ KUMAR Societal Responses to Economic Reforms in Bangladesh: The Workers` and Peasants` Movements in the 1980s and 1990s MOHAMMED NURUZZAMAN A Historical Perspective on Ethnicity, Tribalism and the Politics of Frontier Policy in Pakistan LAWRENCE ZIRING Sri Lanka: To Federalize or Not to Federalize VEENA KUKREJA and MAHENDRA PRASAD SINGH Domestic Turbulence in Nepal: Origin, Dimensions and India`s Policy Options NALINI KANT JHA Ethnic Engagement in Bhutan and its Regional Consequences AWADHESH COOMAR SINHA India-Pakistan Conflict over Kashmir: Peace through Development Cooperation RAJEN HARSHE Index