ISBN 9780761936312,Democracy in the Family : Insights from India

Democracy in the Family : Insights from India


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761936312

ISBN-10 0761936319

Hard Back

Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Democracy in the Family: Insights from India is unique in the way it employs diverse research methods to address the issue of justice in the family under the common theme of examining whether the ethos of democracy is relevant to it. The interface between principles of democracy inside and outside the home is explored through the sub-themes of `Experiencing the Family`, `Expressing the Family`, `Seeking Justice` and `Including the Excluded`. The topics covered range from examinations of the institution of the family, the site of the household, practices of householding and relationships between members, the impact of non-democratic norms and attempts to seek justice in the face of domestic strife and violence, to the advocacy of inclusive strategies that involve men and entire communities in democratising the family. Table of Contents Preface Introduction: JOY DESHMUKH-RANADIVE I. EXPERIENCING THE FAMILY Women Adjusting for Survival: Women Workers, New Economic Policies, and Adjustments within the Family and Household NANDITA GANDHI The Light Shines Through Gossamer Threads: Inside-Outside Political Spaces SUMI KRISHNA II. EXPRESSING THE FAMILY Family in Feminist Songs: A Continuity with Women`s Folk Literature SONAL SHUKLA Resurrecting the Mother in Mata Hidimba UMA NARAIN III. SEEKING JUSTICE Sustaining Democracy within the Family Through Family Courts: An Exploratory Analysis SITA VANKA and M NIRMALA KUMARI Private Concerns in Public Discourse: Women?initiated Community Response to Domestic Violence NANDITA BHATLA and ANURADHA RAJAN The Shalishi in West Bengal: A Community?Based Response to Domestic Violence SHRAMAJIBEE MAHILA SAMITY IV. INCLUDING THE EXCLUDED Family, Gender and Masculinities RADHIKA CHOPRA Placing Gender Equity in the Family Centre Stage: The Use of Kala Jatha Theatre JOY DESHMUKH-RANADIVE Index