ISBN 9788184956566,Democrazy : A Political Spoof

Democrazy : A Political Spoof



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788184956566

ISBN-10 8184956568


Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)

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Foreword by Gul Panag

A Political Spoof

The mysterious Badi Sarkar wants her son to become the Prime Minister of India. Her reticent son Chhote Sarkar wants to eat ice-cream. Great Leader wants his Orchid party to win the elections. He also wants a wand that works. The horny Baba Neemacharya wants to do the neem-yoga with Girl 45. Impulsive billionaire industrialist Giani Seth wants to beat Chaddha in Candy Crush. Honest Ambika Madam wants to retire in peace. Volatile BB wants to send all corrupt politicians to jail. Babli wants to lose weight.

But what is the PM doing in a cave in the Himalayas?!

Democrazy is a satirical look at the madness and brouhaha in present-day India, where nothing is what it seems to be, power is all-important and everything people do is to win the race to power.

PS - No politicians were hurt in the writing of this book.