ISBN 9788174092953,Design and Analysis of Steel Structures

Design and Analysis of Steel Structures


V.N. Vazirani


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788174092953

ISBN-10 8174092951

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Edition 18th
Number of Pages 981 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Engineering

This is perhaps the only comprehensive book on Design and Analysis of Steel Structures, covering a very wide range of topics including Timber and Plastic Analysis in a single volume. The first two chapters give general idea about requirements of steel buildings, unit weight of materials used, load analysis and types of structural members. Chapter three and four give details of fastening like riveting, welding, bolting and pin connections. Chapter five gives friction grip bolt design. High tensile friction grip bolt are used in all the structures of 60 metres or more in height. They are used in all connections of supports of running machinery or of other live loads which produce impact or reversal of stress. Chapter six to eleven deal with design of various structural components like beams, crane girder, plate girder, tension members, compression members, columns bases and foundations. Chapter twelve and thirteen deal with design of roof trusses, design of portal trusses and workshop buildings. Chapter fourteen to eighteen deal with design of water tanks, self supporting steel stacks or chimneys, shallow bunkers with hopper bottoms, steel bridges, and bearings. Chapter nineteen deals with Plastic analysis of structures. It is economical to design the structures based on ultimate strength and hence behaviour of structures beyond elastic limit is necessary. Chapter twenty to twenty-two deal with towers, masts and composite sections. Chapter twenty three deals with design of cold formed light gauge steel construction. In case of structures of moderate spans and carrying moderate loads, the sections using small thickness are economical. Chapter twenty three to thirty deals with timber and design of timber structures. Chapter thirty one deals with multi-storey buildings, while thirty two deals with Pressure Vessels. Chapters on Computer aided analysis, multichoice questions and answers and solved problems have been added from the students point of view to give deeper touch to the subject. Last but not least, detailed up-to-date design data tables for references and various design charts have been added to make the volume self contained.

Table of Contents
*General notes on design *Types of structures and structural framing *Riveted, bolted and pin connections *Welded connections *Friction grip bolts *Design of beams *Crane girders *Plate girders *Tension members *Compression members *Column bases and foundations *Roof trusses *Portal trusses and workshop buildings *Water tanks *Self-supporting steel stacks or chimneys *Shallow bunkers with hooper bottoms *Steel bridges *Bearings *Plastic analysis of structures *Tower and masts *Timber structures *Pressure vessels *Computer aided analysis *Limit state design *Limit state design of tension members *Limit state design of compression members *Limit state design of members subjected to bending *Members subjected to combined forces *Classified objective type questions and answers *Classified solved examples