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ISBN 9789383793013
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ISBN 9789383793013

YS Books International

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383793013

ISBN-10 9383793015


Number of Pages 196 Pages
Language (English)


About the Book :

Destiny has not revealed itself to us until now and as you read this book, it will show you that it is always there with us.


Destiny has a control over all our thoughts and actions. This book clearly defines how everything is already planned by Destiny, and the author has tried his best to cover all the basic aspects of our life, from the thoughts of our minds to our surroundings.

The book helps the reader to understand how Destiny works through a process that is the links, and to understand the plans of Destiny in our lives, one has to understand these links. These links can be as big as a whole universe or it can be very small as an atom.

It tells us to find, follow and understand the links to the future and also tells us that the present is very well connected to the past.

This book makes one experience how Destiny keeps confusing us by way of a destiny confusion principle at times.

It is a study of Destiny, written step-by-step, so that a person can understand it easily, by the time he reaches the end of the book. This book will help you to get relaxed and live each moment of your lives by following the links and connections of Destiny, which is proof enough that everything is already ordained.




About Author :

Abhishek Chouhan was born on 18th Jan., 1983, in the small town of Nepanagar in Madhya Pradesh. When he was young, he was troubled by the origin and meaning about life which ultimately became his passion. His family and friends understood that his views about life did not make sense and people started criticising him when he spoke about Destiny. He lived in solitude for five long years and painstakingly compiled this book called Destiny, which will precisely give the reader a complete understanding of how Destiny leaves of our an indelible mark in our day-to-day life depending on whether it concerns our life or that of the people who surround us.

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