ISBN 9780824703035,Diagnostic Testing of Allergic Disease

Diagnostic Testing of Allergic Disease



CRC Press

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780824703035

ISBN-10 0824703030


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)


This all-inclusive reference takes a rational approach to the use and interpretation of the most important clinical and laboratory immunology tests available for confirming the presence of immune dysfunction and guiding therapy-including every major allergy test for the first time in a single source.
Facilitates objective discussion between patients and physicians or other health care professionals by including unconventional and unproven tests!
Providing a better understanding of the indications, benefits, and limitations of current tests, Diagnostic Testing of Allergic Disease
discusses percutaneous and intracutaneous testing
explains patch and delayed-type hypersensitivity testing
describes rhinoscopy, ophthalmoscopy, ocular biopsy and culture, otoscopy, and audiometry
covers food and nasal challenges, and specific tests for urticaria and angioedema
spotlights in vitro assays including RAST, ELISA, immunoblots, and basophil histamine release tests
examines spirometry and bronchoscopy
focuses on in vivo and in vitro assays for drug reactions
outlines radiographic imaging methods and interpretations
and more!
With more than 600 references, photographs, micrographs, tables, and drawings, Diagnostic Testing of Allergic Disease serves allergists and clinical immunologists, dermatologists, otolaryngologists, internists, pediatricians, family practitioners, and other health care professionals, medical school, and graduate students in these disciplines.