ISBN 9788170494621,Dictionary of Word Origins

Dictionary of Word Origins



Manas Publications

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788170494621

ISBN-10 8170494621

Hard Back

Language (English)


Since the dawn of civilization, word history traces the path of human fellowship, process of shaping of man's speech from mind to mind, nation to nation and from race to race. Some of the words in English language can be traced to a remote past; some have histories that begin but yesterday. Many are members of large families with intertwining legend and history. Slow change, borrowing from many ancient and modern languages: together they give flexibility, power and beauty to English language. An insight into man's growth; a fresh colour and vividness of language; a quickened understanding of words themselves: these are some of the basics of a look into word origins. The present dictionary opens such a vista. Of this great collection of words, the author has set down those that have origins at once interesting and enlightening