ISBN 9781259097492,Digital Electronics And Integrated Circuits

Digital Electronics And Integrated Circuits



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781259097492

ISBN-10 1259097498


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 664 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering & Technology

This book is designed for third and fourth semester students of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Instrumentation and Control Engineering studying the subject Digital Electronics and Integrated Circuits and Digital Electronic Circuits, respectively, in WBUT. The text explains comprehensively concepts of digital electronics circuit design and their applications. It will provide good working knowledge about digital logic elements to develop any digital system with logic elements. It offers lucid coverage of number systems, Boolean algebra, logic gates, K-map method, combinational logic circuits design, flip-flops, DAC, ADC, memory and digital logic family. Features: Coverage and chapter organization as per the latest WBUT syllabus Hands-on practice with Hardware, ICs, CAD tools, VHDL to Design System Extensively supported with illustrations Model Question Papers on WBUT pattern for self-practice Latest Solved WBUT Question Papers Large number of solved problems incorporated from examination papers of WBUT and competitive examinations like IES, UPSC, GATE Pedagogy: Illustrations: 1175 Solved Examples: 145 Review Questions: 245 Short Answer Type Questions: 75 Multiple Choice Questions: 250 Table of Contents: Number Systems and Codes Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates Combinational Logic Combinational and Arithmetic Logic Circuits Design Flip-Flops Sequential Circuits and Finite State Machines Analog - Digital Conversion Memory and Programmable Logic Devices Digital Logic Family