ISBN 9780071329149,Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071329149

ISBN-10 0071329145


Language (English)

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Digital Signal Processing addresses the basic concepts of discrete time systems and continuous time systems, along with their applications using MATLAB. This text is suitable for students in undergraduate and postgraduate level engineering courses. This book can serve as a course text book for three courses, which are Signals & Systems, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and Advanced DSP. It will help students develop a problem solving methodology. This text features several key topics such as Digital Filter Designing, Fourier Transforms, Z Transforms, DSP Applications, Multirate DSP, and DSP Processors. In this second edition, the authors have included a new chapter featuring Digital Signal Processors. There is also an inclusion of new topics such as Parseval's Theorem, Convolution Theorem, Wireless Communication Applications, Kleman Filters, Wiener Filters, and Discrete Fourier Series. Digital Signal Processing is organized into 16 chapters. Some of the topics covered in the chapters are Classifying Signals/Systems, Fourier Analysis, Applying Laplace Transform, Z Transforms, Linear Time Invariant Systems, FIR Filters, IIR Filters, Multirate DSP, Spectral Estimation, Adaptive Filters, DSP Applications, and MATLAB Programs. The text concludes with two Appendices and an Index. Each chapter starts with an introduction, which provides a brief summary and background of the topic. Every single chapter is divided into sections and subsections in order to encourage a logical flow of ideas. There are more than 200 solved examples, 600 practice questions, and over 40 MATLAB examples. About The Authors C. Gnanapriya is an author and the Principal Architect at Infosys Technologies. C. Gnanapriya acquired a Master's degree in Communication Engineering from PSG College of Technology and an MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University. She has more than sixteen years of experience in the software and telecom industry. Apart from providing consultations on end-to-end business solutions, transformation programs, and operations systems, Gnanapriya also taught at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College. Her areas of interest include social networking, software technologies, and multichannel delivery. She has also published papers in various international and national conferences. S. Salivahanan is an author and the Principal of the SSN College of Engineering in Chennai. He has authored numerous books on digital signal processing. Some of these titles are Electronic Devices And Circuits, Linear Integrated Circuits, and Basic Electrical And Electronics Engineering. Salivahanan has a Master's degree in Engineering from NIT, and a Ph.D. in Microwave Integrated Circuits from Madurai Kamaraj University. The author has over 30 years of teaching, industrial, and research experience. He has taught at R. V. College of Engineering in Bangalore and has also mentored the MS degree at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science. Currently, he is a senior member of the IEEE and the Life Member of the ISTE. Salivahanan was awarded the IEEE Outstanding Branch Counsellor and Advisor honour for the Asia-Pacific region from 1996 to 1997.