ISBN 9789351031888,Dinosaur Rescue #3 Velocitchy Raptor

Dinosaur Rescue #3 Velocitchy Raptor



Scholastic India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351031888

ISBN-10 9351031888

Paper Back

Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)

Action and Adventure

Velocitchy-Raptor is the third book in the Dinosaur Rescue series which is designed for young readers aged 8-10. Like the other two books, the story is full of disgusting descriptions of unsavoury cave man behaviour, which will appeal particularly to boys. Set in the Stone Age, the story contains fascinating and hilarious information about Neanderthals and their lifestyle. The illustrations by Donovan Bixley are lively and funny and ensure reader engagement.
Arg is much smarter than the other people in his family and tribe and this makes him feel like an outsider at times. His parents cant understand the way he talks, his artwork, his numerous strange inventions or his desire to wear clothes. The only one who really understands him is his friend Skeet, a T-Rex with equally high intelligence. Readers will be excited for the next book in the series to come out so they can find out what adventures Arg and his TRex friend Skeet embark on next.
Arg isnt just an ordinary cave boy; he has a very large brain and is much smarter than everyone who lives in his Stone Age village. Unfortunately Args intelligence means that he has an inquisitive nature and he loves adventure. This would be fine but during the Stone Age there were many dangers; including violent and brutal rival tribes and blood-thirsty dinosaurs. When Arg decides to brave a storm using his invention the underella he immediately runs into trouble. He is snatched up by a giant Quetzalcoatlus and taken back toits nest. Inside the huge nest Arg realises that he is not alone. Waiting inside as a tasty snack for later is a baby velociraptor. Arg knows he has to escape immediately and to his vexation the baby velociraptor decides to hitch a ride. This leaves Arg with a big problem. What will he do with the baby dinosaur? If he takes him back to the village someone will eat him..
About the Author: Kyle Mewburn
Kyle Mewburn hails from Brisbane originally, but now lives in Millers Flat, Central Otago and has written a number of picture books for Scholastic including the award-winning Kiss! Kiss!
Yuck! Yuck!, and the 2010 NZ Post Childrens Book of the Year, Old Hu-Hu. Kyles zany sense of humour is used to good effect in this new junior fiction series.
About the Illustrator: Donovan Bixley
Donovan Bixley, is a talented artist with a range of styles. His work brings another dimension to Mewburns text, often adding hilarious bits of his own to enhance the storyline.