ISBN 9788183334532,Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


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BPB Publications


ISBN 9788183334532

ISBN-10 8183334539


Number of Pages 290 Pages
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Put in place a disaster recovery plan and minimize the risks to your business!

Reliance on computer systems involves risks. So how do you protect your information from hackers and computer viruses? And how would your IT systems cope in the event of flooding or an explosion?

Problems with IT can do serious damage to your reputation, and jeopardise your relationship with your customers. This is why no organisation can afford to treat business continuity and disaster recovery as something that can just be left to the IT department. Ultimate responsibility for disaster recovery lies with the boss, so getting to grips with the issue of information security is an issue for managers as well as technicians.

IT-associated problems could threaten the survival of your business. If you want to protect your business, you need to put in place a disaster recovery plan. This book shows you how.

Benefits to business include:

  • Keep your information safe Find out how to protect your company from Trojan viruses and phishing scams.

  • Store data safely Find out what you need to do to store data safely, and stop years of work from being lost by accident.

  • Stay connected Make sure your communication links are secure, and prevent your business from being crippled by losing connection to the Internet.

  • Bomb-proof your data Take the right precautions so that your data will not be wiped out in the event of fire or flood.