ISBN 9789382688440,DNHE 2 Public Health and Hygiene

DNHE 2 Public Health and Hygiene



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382688440

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DNHE 2 Public Health and Hygiene CONTENTS COVERED Block1 Health Indicators Unit1 Population Dynamics and Epidemiology Unit2 Family Planning Programme Unit3 Asian Perspectives on Health and Quality of Life Block2 Environmental Sanitation and Safety Unit4 Agents of Contamination Unit5 Water Supply and Waste Disposal Unit6 Personal Hygiene Unit7 Public and Home Safety Block3 Dietary Management of Disease Unit8 Diet in Disease: Basic Principles Unit9 Dietary Management of Nutrition related Disorders and Associated Problems Unit10 Dietary Management of Disorders of Nonnutritional Origin Block4 Foodborne Diseases, Food Infections and Intoxications Unit11 Common Foodborne DiseasesI Unit12 Common Foodborne DiseasesII Unit13 Parasitic Infestations Unit14 Food Infections and Intoxications Block5 Common Infections and Infectious Diseases Unit15 Measles, Tuberculosis and Whooping Cough Unit16 Diphtheria, Tetanus and Poliomyelitis Unit17 Malaria Unit18 Skin, Eye and Ear Infections Block6 Public Health Unit19 Primary HealthCareI: Concept and Organisation Unit20 Primary HealthCareII: Current Status in India Unit21 Primary HealthCareIII: Delivery of Services Unit22 Health Programmes Unit23 Income Generation Programmes Unit24 Environmental Protection Question Papers June: 2011 (Solved) December: 2011 (Solved) June: 2012 (Solved) cember: 2012 (Solved) June: 2013 (Solved) December: 2013 (Solved)