ISBN 9788129119230,Doctor, Why Is My Baby Crying

Doctor, Why Is My Baby Crying


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129119230

ISBN-10 8129119234


Number of Pages 196 Pages
Language (English)

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100 frequently asked questions about the newborn answered in an easy approachable style. The birth of a child brings tremendous joy in the life of the mother and the family but this joy is often diluted with plenty of worries, doubts and anxieties about the baby?s health and well-being. This is especially true if the mother is having her first baby. Mental and physical fatigue of pregnancy and childbirth add to the mother?s woes. This book, written in a question and answer format, contains answers to 100 such actual questions asked by mothers about the newborn covering areas like feeding , massaging, travelling, medication, vaccinations, dos and don?ts, myths and misconceptions, the environment, illnesses in the newborn period, and problems in the mother related to the newborn. Written predominantly in the colloquial style, avoiding medical and technical jargon as far as possible, this book aims to serve as an invaluable guide for all mothers and their families. About The Author Dr PV Vaidyanathan is a paediatrician who has been practicing for the last twenty years. A writer by hobby, he has also authored three books, Make Your Child Stress Free, Managing the Unmanagable Child and Spirituality Bytes. He lives with his wife and son in Mumbai, India.