ISBN 9788172238575,Don'T Sprint The Marathon

Don'T Sprint The Marathon



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788172238575

ISBN-10 8172238576


Number of Pages 184 Pages
Language (English)

Self Help

A counseling guide that proposes an alternative and more holistic view to the art of living and making choices, Raghunathan V. uses real life inspirations and first account interactions to paint his hypothesis in greater detail. Summary Of The Book Don't Sprint The Marathon begins with a foreword about ambition in parents and the subsequent obsession over success that corrupts the necessary capabilities of a growing human being. Raghunathan intersperses the book with a number of models that employs people who achieved success and happiness in considerable measure due to their persistence in the marathon that is life. Parents push themselves and often, as an extension, drive their children to chase objectives and strive for bettering their performances in academics or sports. But the author dissuades such behavior in this guide and maintains the importance of engaging a more self-paced environment. The book eggs the readers to really live life in a manner more suited to their choices. Although primarily intended to prepare parents for a more responsible upbringing of their children, the book no doubt can be used even for individuals to rethink their own life and its course. He makes a clear distinction between a sprint and a marathon and stresses on the point of how most individuals lose sight of the marathon and instead concentrate on a number of sprints. Through the book, he strongly recommends bringing up children with a view of long term orientation that shapes a different attitude from one rooted in realizing short-term goals. Coaching the readers through a maze of problems that people are exposed to in living life precariously, the book advocates a more careful remedy to making decisions for their children or in turn themselves. The book engages a number of well-known and relatively obscure people who are living examples of having practiced the tenets of the guide that is being proposed by Raghunathan. About V. Raghunathan A follower of his own advice, Ragunathan dabbles in a number of preoccupations that may not be a measure of conventional success. He has written a number of academic and popular articles and authored over six books. One of his other books, Games Indians Play - Why We Are The Way We Are is a best seller. He started his career as a professor of finance at IIM and then in corporate management. He currently works as a CEO for the GMR group Varalakshmi foundation and in addition to public speaking writes a guest column in The Economic Times. He owns the biggest collection of old locks in the country and plays chess at a national level along side authoring best selling novels and academic treatises.