ISBN 9781107622128,Duels And Duets: Why Men And Women Talk So Differently

Duels And Duets: Why Men And Women Talk So Differently



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781107622128

ISBN-10 1107622123

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Number of Pages 252 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Why do men and women talk so differently? And how do these differences interfere with communication between the sexes? In search of an answer to these and other questions, John Locke takes the reader on a fascinating journey, from human evolution through ancient history to the present, revealing why men speak as they do when attempting to impress or seduce women, and why women adopt a very different way of talking when bonding with each other, or discussing rivals. When men talk to men, Locke argues, they frequently engage in a type of 'dueling', locking verbal horns with their rivals in a way that enables them to compete for the things they need, mainly status and sex. By contrast, much of women's talk sounds more like a verbal 'duet', a harmonious way of achieving their goals by sharing intimate thoughts and feelings in private.

Table Of Contents
1. Speech, sex, and gender
2. Duels
3. Bards, heroes, Romeos, and clowns
4. Why do men duel?
5. Duets
6. Complicity
7. Why do women duet?
8. Collaboration in language and in life