ISBN 9788188934607,Early Chalukyan Temples

Early Chalukyan Temples



Neha Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788188934607

ISBN-10 8188934607

Hard Back

Number of Pages 250 Pages
Language (English)


The book deals with the essence of Art and Architecture subtly twain with Iconography and Aesthetics besides legend and tradition for the sake of readers, it has been designed to bring out the marked of location, environ with present administrative support. A horizontal outline based on the epigraphically evidence of the early Chalukya tracing the contemporary political set up of that age shown. The work gives an emphasis to art form pattern set by the early Chalukyas tracing with veracity of forms. The temples of Aihole of various religious orders Hindu, Jain, Bhuddhist and other sect are dealt along with the narration of the cave temples and summation of the monuments.

The Architectural futures really constitute of the real architectural wealth of the site. A vivid explanation on sculptural wealth and iconographical futures too added colorize to the work. Details of iconography and classification of art forms with conclusion give an ardent explanation for the socio-religious binding of the society represented through the erection of the temples. It is also supported by annexure: the inventory of Museum exhibits besides a glossary for ready reckon use of some terms and terminology along with bibliography and relevant illustrations to support the work for visual effects.