ISBN 9788123916330,Eco-Acceptable Lubricants: Liquid, Long Life

Eco-Acceptable Lubricants: Liquid, Long Life




Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788123916330

ISBN-10 8123916337

Hard Back

Number of Pages 281 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Eco-acceptable or environmentally-adaptable and long-life lubricants suitable for enhancing tribological operations are being sought after now for applications in all spheres related to friction, wear and lubrication, and especially for use in eco-sensitive areas like agriculture, forestry, construction, off-highway areas, water management. mining, mobile/stationary hydraulics, machine tools, food and beverage industry. etc. This is the need of the hour that lubricants are eco-acceptable and aim towards fill-for-life or at least long-life operations, reducing thereby frequent lubrication maintenance schedules, saving precious time and money and minimizing/avoiding environmental concerns or hazards. Extensive research work in Defence and on global basis is being done on these newer type of EALs. The subject is spread over a wide range of literature in tribology, polymer science, environmental science, biotechnology, oil technology and now in nanotechnology with perhaps no single comprehensive book available on the subject although sporadic articles have appeared occasionally in some journals. The urge to write this book was an humble attempt to fill this void and to try to create general awareness on various aspects of eco-friendly lubricants. This book is meant primarily for scientists, academicians, technologists, OEMs and oil industry people. The purpose of this modest monograph and other books in the series on allied topics will be served if it generates impetus in the OEMs, agriculture/transport sectors, mining and oil industry for these newer type of EALs for application in machines/equipments in all areas having environmental risks. 1 eco-accptable and long life(liquid) lubricants. 2 emergence of eals and their criteria. 3 other criteria of eals. 4 eco-labeling schemes and enviornmental management system. 5 base fluids for lubricants (bio-lubricants) 6 common synthetic base fluids. 7 syn-base fluid-compounds of c and h (paos, pibs,dabs...) 8 syn-base fluids-poly ethier oils. 9 synthetic base fluids-silicones, sila HCs and special fluids. 10 lubricant additives. 11 automotive engine oil. 12 automatic transmission fluid. 13 gear lubricants. 14 metal working fluids. 15 industrial lubricants. 16 other industrial fluids