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ECO13 Business Environment



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638774

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ECO 13 Business Environment CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Introduction to Business Environment Chapter1 Nature and Dimensions of Business Environment Chapter2 Economic Environment : An overview Chapter3 Social and Cultural Environment Block 2 Business and Government Chapter4 Structure of Indian Economy Chapter5 Role of Government in Business Chapter6 Macro Economic Policies Chapter7 Consumer Protection Block 3 Economic Policy and Framework Chapter8 Industrial Policy Chapter9 Industrial Sickness Chapter10 Industrial Relations Chapter11 Small Scale Sector Block4 External Sector and Economic Reforms Chapter12 Foreign Investment and MNCs Chapter13 India's Foreign Trade Chapter14 Balance of Payment and EXIM Policy Chapter15 International Trade Relations Chapter16 New Economic Policy QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2006 2. Solution Paper Dec 2006 3. Solution Paper June 2007 4. Solution Paper Dec 2007 5. Solution Paper June 2008 6. Question Paper Dec 2008 7. Question Paper June 2009 8. Question Paper Dec 2009 9. Question Paper June 2010 10. Question Paper Dec 2010 11. Question Paper June 2011 12. Question Paper Dec 2011 13. Question Paper June 2012