ISBN 9780761935537,Ecology and Human Well-Being

Ecology and Human Well-Being


Pushpam Kumar


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780761935537

ISBN-10 0761935533

Hard Back

Number of Pages 430 Pages
Language (English)


This volume presents some of the latest developments in research in interdisciplinary traditions of ecological economics in India. It outlines strategies and policies that can be adopted to ensure ecological sustainability. Containing both methodological and empirical essays, the book covers a number of critical issues including: - Ecological and social resilience - Ecosystem services and quality of life - Policy reform for sustainable development - Governance and ecosystems - Valuing changes in the ecosystem - Communities and collective action Table of Contents Preface Introduction PUSHPAM KUMAR and B SUDHAKARA REDDY SECTION 1: ECOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL RESILIENCE Social Resilience of the Riverbank Erosion Displaces in Bangladesh M ZULFIKAR ALI ISLAM Environmental Degradation and Its Impact on Dryland Ecosystems: A case Study of Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh RAMAKRISHNA NALLATHIGA Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Changes: Salinity Ingress and Ground Water Depletion in Coastal Gujarat JYOTHIS SATHYAPALAN and SUDARSHAN IYENGAR Reconciling Weak and Strong Sustainability B SANDHYA SRI and M S V PRASAD SECTION 2: ECOSYSTEM SERVICES AND QUALITY OF LIFE Fish Biodiversity of Digha Fishery in Eastern India: An Empirical Analysis ANITA CHATTOPADHYAY GUPTA and R N BHATTACHARYA Aquaculture vs Wild Shrimp Fisheries: A Bio-Economic Analysis for West Bengal and Orissa KAUSHIK GUPTA, JOY CHOWDHURY and RAMAN KHADDARIA Linking Conservation with Livelihood: Lessons from Management of Gir-Protected Area in Western India AMITA SHAH Environmental Implications of Integrated Pest Management: Farming of Paddy and Vegetables ALKA SINGH, RANJIT KUMAR, P K JAIN and A K MANGAL SECTION 3: VALUATION OF ECOSYSTEM Social Perceptions and Valuation of Urban Wetlands in Kolkata S BANDYOPADHYAY, K NARAYANAN and A RAMANATHAN Assessment and Valuation of Revegetation DIBYENDU MONDAL, SUBRATA SINGH and J V DHAMELIYA Alternative Welfare Measures: Overview and Case Study of India BRENT BLEYS Strom Protection Value of Mangroves in Coastal Orissa SAUDAMINI DAS SECTION 4: COMMUNITY AND NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Community Participation in Joint Forest Planning and Management in Karnataka P SUDHA, V RAMPRASAD, P R BHAT, R JAGANNATHA RAO and N H RAVINDRANATH Sustainability and Food Security Issues among Farmers in Tamil Nadu H N CHANAKYA, S T SOMASHEKARA REDDY and P BALACHANDRA Collective Action in an Embedded Choice Model: A Study of Fishing Cooperatives in Calcutta ZAKIR HUSAIN Environment and Community Action: A Case Study of Shifting Cultivation S C SRIVASTAVA SECTION 5: POLICY REFORMS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Globalisation and Sustainable Development: Economic and Environmental Conflicts PRABHA PANTH Environmental Protection: the Role of Regulatory System in India P M PRASAD Successful Voluntary Participation in Common Property Resource LEKHA MUKHOPADHYAY Integrating Watershed Management: Stakeholder, Dynamics and Institutions SARAVANAN V SUBRAMANIAN Interactive Goal Linear Programming in Land Use Planning in Haryana A K VASISHT and S S KUMAR Index