ISBN 9788120333123,Economic Development: A Regional, Institutional And Historical Approach

Economic Development: A Regional, Institutional And Historical Approach



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788120333123

ISBN-10 8120333128


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)

Economics, finance, business & management

This innovative book provides an introduction to economic development adopting a regional approach. Instead of a general theoretical presentation, the authors focus the economy in its cultural and historical roots taking into account the circumstances facing the economy. The theory is developed for particular regions emphasizing on institutional structures within different regions. The development process presented is analyzed within the historical context of each region, considering the inheritance from both the pre-colonial and colonial eras as well as in the contemporary times. The text which contains numerous references is aimed at the students of economic development, and does not assume any background on economics as a prerequisite. Table of Contents Tables, Figures, And Maps Preface Acknowledgments 1. Introduction To Economic Development 2. European Emergence 3. East Asian Experience 4. Sub-Saharan Africa 5. South Asia 6. Latin America 7. The Middle East And North Africa 8. Economies In Transition: Socialist To Market 9. Conclusions: What Have We Learned? About The Authors Index