ISBN 9788187586234,Economic History of India from Eighteenth to Twentieth Century (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. VIII, Part 3)

Economic History of India from Eighteenth to Twentieth Century (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. VIII, Part 3)



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788187586234

ISBN-10 8187586230

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Number of Pages 887 Pages
Language (English)

Religion: general

The General theme of this collection of essays, forming the second part of the PHISPC publication Economic History of India from the 18 to 20 Century, is the process, Nature and extent of Transformation of India's Economy during the period. The first part is devoted to a single theme - 'Peasant history of late pre-colonial and Colonial India: eighteenth to mid-twentieth century'. Except for two essays, the second part does not include any Agrarian stuff for the pre-1947 period. What follows may give readers an idea of the range of concerns of the contributors to the second part. Two Essays are on economies of South India and changes in the 'unique Components of tribal economy'. Other themes include the major shifts in India's trade and commercial organization; Technology and social Organization of small-scale artisan production; 'atypical' nature of the Formation of the Industrial working class; 'colonial transformation' of Indian economy and the cheapness of production for the home market' in the slow industrial growth during early British rule; limited substitution of Capital for Labour and the background to choices of technology over time. Essays on the Agricultural trends in the post-1947 period analyse, among other questions, implications of the 'technology-driven growth strategy' for Agriculture and of the 'export thrust from agriculture'. Contents: 1. The Formation of modern Agrarian Economies in South India/David Ludden 2. Colonialism and tribal economy/Kumar Suresh Singh 3. Colonized trade : Major shifts in India's trade and commercial organizations, 1700-1860/Shubhra Chakrabarti 4. Social Organization of artisan production in India : Changing role of the market, technology, and merchant-creditor : 18 to 20 centuries/Smritikumar Sarkar 5. The evolution of the non-agrarian formal sector of the Indian Economy through the nineteenth and twentieth century/Saugata Mukherji 6. The Industrialization of India : Technology and production/Dietmar Rothermund 7. A History of a Colonial working class, India : 1850-1946/Parimal Ghosh 8. Policy Environment and agricultural trends post independence India/Manoj Kumar Sanyal 9. Trends in area, production and Productivity of some selected crops-a state-level analysis of Indian Agriculture (1980-81-1999-2000)/Debashree Chatterjee 10. A historical perspective on international specialization in agriculture in the present era of globalization/Utsa Patnaik