ISBN 9788186272008,Economic Mineral Deposits

Economic Mineral Deposits



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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788186272008

ISBN-10 8186272003

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Edition 3rd
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Table of Contents
Part I Principles
1. Mineral Economics and Exploration
2. Brief History of the Use of Minerals and the Development of Economic Geology
3. Materials of Mineral Deposits and their Formation
4. Petrology of mineral Deposits: Magmas, Solutions, and Sediments
Part II Processes of Formation of Mineral Deposits
5. Magmatic Concentration
6. Sublimatin
7. Contact Metasomatism
8. Hydrothermal
9. Sedimentation
10. Bacteriogenic
11. submarine Exhalative and Volcanogenic
12. Evaporation
13. Residual and Mechanical Concentration
14. Oxidation and Super-gene Enrichment
15. Metamorphism
16. Summary of Origin of Mineral Deposits
17. Classification of Mineral Deposits
Part III Metallic Mineral Deposits
18. The Precious Metals
19. The Nonferrous Metals
20. Iron and the Ferro-alloy Metals
21. Minor Metals and Related Nonmetals
Part IV Nonmetallic Minerals
22. Energy and Coal
23. Petroleum Geology
24. Ceramic Materials
25. Structural and Building Materials
26. Metallurgical and Refractory Materials
27. Industrial and Manufacturing Materials
28. Chemical Minerals
29. Abrasives and Abrasion Minerals
General References on Economic Geology