ISBN 9788130927466,Education As A Right Across The Levels: Challenges, Opportunities And Strategies

Education As A Right Across The Levels: Challenges, Opportunities And Strategies


Ilyas Husain


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Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788130927466

ISBN-10 8130927462


Number of Pages 1572 Pages
Language (English)


A Study of Language and Literacy Practices in Early Primary Years - Neelima Chopra
The Interactionalist Classroom Management: Ensuring Child's Right to Learn in the Classroom by Complying the Provisions of RTE Act , 2009- Abhijit Guhaa
Challenges to Education as a Right Across the Levels - Haseen Taj
Exploring the Public Private Partnership Model with Respect to Enrolment and Retention of Children in Primary Schools of Delhi - Shalini Yadava
Education for Autonomy and Accountability - Tabassum Naqi
Impact of Cultural Change on Teaching-Learning Process - Zebun Nisa Khan
A Case Study of Madrasa Education in Bihar - Mozaffar Islam and Sohrab Ali
School Based Assessment at Elementary Level: An Exploratory Analysis - Gulshan Mufeed and Sohrab Ali
Mid Day Meal Scheme and the Caste Question - Kavya Nirman
A Study of the Interest of Students and Teachers in Participation and Organisation Respectively of Co-curricular Activities in Government Schools at Elementary Level in Delhi - Gul Mohammad Yazdani and Sohrab Ali
From Slum to School: Rising Educational Aspirations of Migrant Children in Post Reform India - Manimala Roy and Mita Banerjee
Innovative Efforts for Universalization of Elementary Education in Delhi - Vijay P Singh
"Junoon Sikhne Ka" - A Case Study of Camp Based Functional Literacy Programme for Rural Women in Jharkhand - Tanu Shikha Arya
Performance in Mathematics: A Challenge in Implementing the RTE Act - Roohi Fatima
Access, Equity and Inclusion of Economical Weaker Section Children in a Private School under RTE - Mamta
Effect of Socio-Economic Status on Mental Retardation Among Children - Suman Lata
Teachers' Understanding of the Nature of Science and the Teaching-Learning Process at Elementary Stage: Exploring On-Field Realities - Aisha Jabeen
Representations of Childhood and Schooling in Popular Bollywood Cinema - Ravneet Kaur
Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) in India in the Context of Right to Education Act, : Issues and Challenges - Rajender Singh Yadav
Role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Promoting Awareness Regarding Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009 - Parmod Kumar and Sujata Yadav
Identification of Educational and Vocational Opportunities for Eunuchs and Suggestions for Its Expansion - Surmila
School Ecology and Academic Achievement of Tribal Students - Sonal Shivagunde
Role of Media in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan: A Case Study in Two Villages - Prachi Sinha
Counselling a Necessity for the All-round Development of Child - Shadma Yasmeen
Adult Literacy, Education and Lifelong Learning: Towards Sustained Development of All - Rashmi Diwan
Making Mathematics Accessible to Children with Special Need: A Step toward Inclusive Quality Education for All - Kumar Madhav Kundan
Implementation of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009 : A Case Study on School Children of Migrant Family - Kapil Dhingra and Sulekha Ram
Education for Aesthetics and Freedom of Individual - Harpreet Kaur Jass
Right to Education Act as a Challenge for Teachers in India - Mehnaz Ansari and Mukesh
Demystifying Enrolment: A Case of Mewat District of Haryana, India - Niti Saxena
Thematic Learning in Delhi Public School: Strategies and Challenges - Supriya Ghosh and Mousumi Ghosh
Inclusion: Challenges and Possibilities New Challenges and Possibilities of Inclusive Education at School Level - Sonam Bansal and Nirmala Panghal
Experiences of Diversity and Discrimination Among Children in Schools - Charu Sharma
Second Language and Literacy in Elementary Education - Sunita Singh
Redefining Values: Educating for Social Well Being - Yukti Sharma
Inclusive Education: A Long Journey Ahead - Kiran
Study of Awareness of Learning Disabilities among Elementary School Teachers - Neena Sawhney and Sneh Bansal
Role of ICT in Achieving the Goals of Right to Education in India - Mohd. Mamur Ali
Role of ICTs in Permeating Quality Education Among Tribal School Children in Krishnanagar-A Case Study - Priyadarshini Dey and Shrabastee Banerjee
Inclusion as a Mandatory Commitment - Amritpal Kaur and Mahabir Singh
RTE - Legal Discourses - Kalpana Kumari
Integration of Technology in Elementary Education: Issues and Challenges - Haseen Taj and Premkumar Sivalingam
Making the Children Visible as Right Bearers for Education - Abdul Hameed and Afaf Manzoor
Challenges and Alleyways in Actualizing Inclusive Education: A Need Assessment Study - Bharti Sharma
Non-Formal Bridge Programme -- A Means of Enrolling Child Labourers in School - Mehnaz Ansari
Play Way Assessment (PWA): An Alternative to Traditional Examination at Rural Institute for Community Education Mathagondapalli Model School (Tamil Nadu) - Letha Ram Mohan and Navis Jai Chitra
NGOs Initiatives for Universalisation of Elementary Education in Bihar: Status and Challenges - Chandra Mohan Singh

Secondary Education
Constructivist Processes in Science Teaching with Reference to the View of Secondary Level Science Teachers - Swati Kumari and Madhu Mathur
Issues in Universalization of Secondary Education in India Perspective - Ramesh Chandra Singh, Geeta Khanduri and SC Bahuguna
Open Educational Resources: Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Scenario, with Special Reference to National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER) - Aerum Khan
Utilization of Educational Opportunities of Muslims in Urban Schools - Aiyaz Ahmad Khan
Core Teaching Skills and Senior Secondary Students' Academic Achievement in Economics: A Study of School Located in Central Delhi - Ismat Jahan Siddiqui and Abdul Kadir
Implications and Evaluation of Universalisation of Secondary Education (USE) in the Context of Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA): A Case Study in West Bengal - Madhumala Sengupta and Pintu Kumar Maji
Using Technology Acceptance Model to Examine ICT Enabled Teaching in Secondary Schools in Kolkata - Nandita Roy, Sridipa Sinha and Madhumala Sengupta
Inclusive Education of Disabled at Secondary Stage in Eastern Uttar Pradesh - Arvind Sharma and D Venkateshwarlu
Environmental Education for Sustainable Development of India - Mubeen Beg
Global Awareness and Perspectives in Jordanian History Textbooks - Fakhri R Khader
The Effectiveness of PBL-Based Biomind Module to Enhance 21st Century Skills and Overcome Students' Misconception - Rian Vebrianto, Kamisah Osman and Lee Chuo Hiong
Mathematics in Monuments: A Case Study of Samrat Yantra - Sneha and Nidhi Rathi
Bringing the 'Social' Back: A Social-Constructivist Perspective of Teaching Social Science - Rishabh Kumar Mishra
Giving Voice to the Child - Ismat Jahan Siddiqui and Purti Bhatia
Validation of Concept-mapping for Assessing Conceptual Understanding in Organic Chemistry - A Study among Std X Rural Students of Kerala - K Abdul Gafoor and Shilna V.
Universalisation of Secondary Education in India - Seema Mehrotra and Sangeeta Verma
Social Construction and Epistemological Structure of School Subjects: A Conceptual Inquiry - Arbind K Jha
Mental Health Status of School Children: An Indian Perspective - Anima Kumari and Waheeda Khan
Parent-Peer Attachment and Aggression among Adolescents - Waheeda Khan, Divya Parashar and Meena Osmany
Science and Technology as People's Enterprise: Reflections on School Curriculum - Gurjeet Kaur
ICT in Teaching Geography at Sr. Secondary Stage: Achievement Comparison of Public and Private Schools - MH Quasmi
Role of NIOS in Universalization of Secondary Education: Equity and Quality Perspective - Bakhteyar Ahmad
Science Festival: An Innovative Method to Propagate Science - Irfana Begum
Education of Marginalized Social Groups Through Open Schooling - Savita Kaushal
Challenges in Universalizing Secondary Education in Andhra Pradesh: A Critical Perspective on Government Policies - M. Roja Lakshmi and V. Dileep Kumar
Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA): Challenges and Opportunities - Ajit Kumar Bohet
Muslim Girls' Education in a Muslim Dominated Habitation in North-East Delhi - Vaishali
The Malevolence of Technology: Mobile Threat in Schools - Sumita Chatterjee and Sridipa Sinha
A Case Study of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti's Endeavour to Integrate ICT in Education - An Exemplar for Rest to Learn and Follow - Jessy Abrahama and Reshma Wadhwani
Where is the Elephant Hiding-the Size and Location of Private Coaching Business? - Aditya Prakash and Sachita Passi
Challenges in Integrating Media Resources in Classrooms at Secondary Stage - Richa
Issues in Universalization of Secondary Education: Role of Technology - Chandra Tiwari
Analysis of Simple Pendulum Experiment using a PC: An Interactive Approach to Teaching Importance of Errors in Validating Theoretical Models - Jyoti Bhardwaj, Vandana Sharda, Arbind Jha and OSKS Sastri
Role of School Counselors in the Universalisation of Secondary Education - Mehnaz Ansari and Andleeb
Relevance and Significance of Life Skills and Self-Concept for Enhancement of Adolescent's Personality at Secondary Stage - Farida Shahin and Amandeep
Role of Technology in Parental Involvement - An Exploratory Study - Geeta Kapoor
Comparative Study of Organizational Climate of Secondary Schools in Delhi - Mohammad Yusoof
Issues and Problems of Urdu Medium Learners at Secondary School Level: A Case Study of Hyderabad - Mohd. Moshahid and Sajid Jamal
Issues in the Muslim Minority Govt. Aided Secondary Schools in Delhi - Anjum Ali
Argument Driven Inquiry Model: Fostering Argumentation Skill in Science - Jasim Ahmad and Pragya Rai
Secondary Level Students' Expectations from their Schools: An Exploratory Study - Jasim Ahmad and Kirti Munjal
A Study of Academic Achievement in Relation to Mental Health of School Students - Jessy Abraham and Ekta Tyagi
Learning Styles and Preferred Assessment Techniques: A Study to Find Out the Impact of Choice-based Assessment on Students' Performance - Arshad Ikram Ahmad and Gurdarshan Kaur
Applying Inclusion Meaningfully: Action Points for Bridging the Gap - Quazi Ferdoushi Islam

Higher Education
Blended Learning Approach in Technical Education - Wilaiwan Wongjinda
Improving Institutional Rating through International Collaborations: A Case for Indo-Nordic Partnership - Chandra B Sharma
Challenges in Higher Education with Special Reference to University of Calcutta: A Case Study - Bipasha Sinha
Issues in Access to Higher Education: Approaches Procedures to Encounter the Challenges - Arshad Masood Hashmi
Lifelong Learning: An Innovation beyond the Class Room in Higher Education - Singh Manju
Towards Inclusive Learning in Higher Education - Coping with the Impediments - Sridipa Sinha
A Survey Study on the Overseas Training of University Academic Staff in China - Feifan Ye
Financing in Higher Education -- A Study of Self-Financing Courses to Meet the Financial Needs of the Universities - Vijayshri Bhati
Creating Job Ready Indian Youth - Kakul Kapur
Financial and Access Issues in Higher Education Today - Janardan Paudel
Reaching out to Disadvantage Groups for Capacity Building through Open and Distance Learning: Experiences of IGNOU Regional Center Bhopal - UC Pandey and Shireesh Pal Singh
The Conception of Scientific Literacy among Science Teachers: Malaysian Context - Nurazidawati Mohamad Arsad, Kamisah Osman, Mohamed Amin Embi and Edy Hafizan Shahali
Student's Satisfaction as a Right of Students at Private Universities - Sanjeev Kumar Jha and Sohrab Ali
A Study of Sociological Factors Influencing Career Choices of Postgraduate Girls - Zoya Fatima
Factors Influencing First and Non-First Generation Learners Entry to Higher Education in India - Rashim Wadhwa
Self-Help Groups and Women Education: New Paradigm of Development - Surinder Verma
College Autonomy: An Indian Experience - Neeru Snehi
National Repository of Open Educational Resources: An Online Platform to House, Preserve and Provide Access to Variety of Digital Resources - Monica Nagpal
Privatization in Higher Education: Quantity Vs Quality - Shradha Vasisht
Access and Participation: A Look on Women's Higher Education - Sameena Basu and Mudasir Basu
Innovation and Challenges in Higher Education with Special Reference to Education as a Right in Emergence of Learning Society and Teacher Education - Dattatreya Tapkeer and Nirmala Tapkeer
Open and Distance Learning (ODL): A Supplementary Paradigm for Right to Quality Higher Education - Renu Thakur
Teaching-Learning Considerations in Higher Education - A Case Study - Sushama Bavle and Shobha Sundaresan
Paradigm Shift in Funding Higher Education in India - Kartar Singh
Adult Education in Rural Areas: Lessons from Students in the South Australian Context - Jillian Marchant
Technology Integration and Teaching of English: The Saudi Arabian Perspective - Intakhab Alam Khan
Joint and Double Degree Collaborations in Higher Education across Geographies: A Policy Analysis from Indian Perspective - Bhaskar Chaudhuri
The Concept of an Effective University Teacher from the Perspective of Academic Staff Members (ASMs) at University of Guilan, Iran - Abbas Sadeghi, Fatemeh Hoseni Dolat Abadi and Atefeh Sadeghi
English Language Teaching to Engineering Students at the Undergraduate Level: A Segregational-Inclusive Model Framework - Nikhat Bano
The Applications of Web 2.0 in Architecture Education - Mohammad Saquib
Experiential Learning in Architecture Education - Mohammad Amir Khan
An Assessment of Administrative Behaviour of Educational Administrators Working in Jammu and Kashmir State - Mohammad Iqbal Mattoo

Teacher Education
Elementary Teachers' Assessment Beliefs and Practices: An Explorative Study - Vanita Chopraa, Indrajeet Duttab and Arti Bhatnagarc
Assessment Practices in Education - Ghazala (Shamim) Siddiqi
Exploring the Use of Social Networking Sites in Education - Shazia Mansoori and Waseem Ahmad Khan
Using Creative and Innovative Hands-On Activities for Enhancing Teaching Skills of In-Service Science Teachers - Vijay P Singh and Ahrar Husain
Critical Pedagogy: Toward a Liberating Education - Anees Ahamed
Total Quality Management- Feasibility and Impediments in Teacher Education - Fozia Roohi and Ilyas Husain
Teachers' Awareness About the System of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in Schools - Bushra Hussain and Aejaz Masih
Contrasting the Indian Teacher Education System with the Western Teacher Education Systems - Urmila Atul Paralikar
Role of Technology and Challenges of the Classrooms: A Paradigm Shift - Snehlata Verma
Teacher Educators Competency: A Need of Quality Teacher Education System - Dori Lal
Developing Life Long Learning Communities: Innovative Initiatives - Shashi Wala
Communication Strategies for Legal Awareness about Problems of Education at Different Levels - Khalid Yousafzai Inclusion: Challenges and Possibilities - Shuchi Sharma and Rachna Sharma
Education as a Right of Differently Abled Children - Nandini N. and Haseen Taj
Teachers Active Involvement in Continuous Professional Development - Mohammed Tarique
Perception of Teachers Towards Outward Bound Teacher Education Program for Continuous Professional Development - Waseem A. Khan and Mohd Suhail
Teaching Self-Efficacy Among B.Ed. Students Studying Through Distance and Regular Mode - A Comparative Study - Pratik Upadhyaya and Ruchi Dubey
Expectations from Teachers: An Analysis Competence Standards and Frameworks - Nimrat Khandpur
Emotional Abilities Among Teachers - Ofra Walter
Technology Integration to Enhance Quality: A Study of Pre-service Teachers' Perception - Harjeet Kaur Bhatia and Amanpreet Kaur Chugh
Understanding Inclusive Pedagogy: Critical Reflections on Cultural and Ideological factors in Science Curriculum - Priyanka Varshney and Vandana Saxena
Role of Teachers in Globalized Context: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice - Bhawana Arora
Learning Opportunity with Web 2.0 Technology: A Study - Prerana Gautam
Need Based Professional Development Programmes: Listening to the Voices of Teachers - Haneet Gandhi
Are Learning and Teaching Discrete Quests? Towards Fusion Paradigm - Geetika Bagchi
Role of ICT in Access and Quality of Teacher Education - Zeba Ilyas
ICT Resources: Policy Documents and Current Status in DIETs of Delhi - Jasim Ahmad and Syed Monabbar Ali Masoom
Mathematics in Newspaper - Uzma Masood, Syed Shahzar and Adeeba Samreen
Role of Technology in Promoting Inclusive Education - Sonam Bansal and Sunita Arora
Critical Issues Related to Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (IASE): A Policy Perspective - Mona Sedwal
CCE: What Teachers' Voices Reveal - Rekha Bhaskar
Women as Effective Educational Administrators: Issues and Challenges - Rubeena Khan and Ilyas Husain
Ways Forward with ICT for Inclusion: Reporting a Case Study - Jasmeet Kaur Bhatia
Preparing Ethically Responsible Teachers: Certain Issues - Daisy Priya Nath
Attitude of Teacher Educators and Student Teachers Towards the Effectiveness of Teacher Education in West Bengal through ODL - Priyanka Datta and Mita Banerjee
Understanding Sustainability from the Perspective of Social Science - Waseem Ahmad Khan
Fearlessness Comes by Design - Yashika Chandna
Relevance and Effectiveness of Professional Development of University Teaching Staff - Intakhab Alam Khan
Media Literacy Education: Bringing Digital Culture to the Classrooms - Smriti Sharma and Roopak Chauhan
Roadmap for Inclusion Using Technology: Perception of Pre-service Teachers - Quazi Ferdoushi Islam and Harjeet Kaur Bhatia
Understanding Conflict and Building Cultures of Peace in the Classroom - Kalyani, Kanika Khandelwal, Deepika Papneja and Megha Dhillon
Teacher Education in Madrasa: Innovative Experiences - K. Mohammed Basheer