ISBN 9788178359328,Education, Peace And Development

Education, Peace And Development



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788178359328

ISBN-10 8178359324

Hard Back

Number of Pages 282 Pages
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Education is the means for an all-round development of man. It is needless to mention about its role and importance in life. Mahatma Gandhi has rightly noted, ?Education is an unending exercise till death. Only it can act as a means to the end of a successful life. It can help mould and shape human body, mind and character in such a manner that they may act as means to achieve joy and efficiency. , ,Peace and development are subjects of human life, which are, apart from connecting to one-another, necessary elements that make life purposeful. Both are dynamic in their nature and complementary to one-another. To create an atmosphere of peace, to guide people on the true pathway to development, the role of education is vital. Thus, we can see education, peace and development as inter connected aspects of human life; they cannot be separated from one-another and their role cannot be minimized. The significance of all these three aspects in human life is brought together in this volume entitled, Education, Peace and Development. , ,In this edited volume, by Dr. Ravindra Kumar-an eminent scholar, the contributors, from India and abroad, have, by accepting the importance of the subject, attempted to present their respective viewpoints on the topics of education, peace and development. Divided into five parts-General Observation, Gandhian Perspetives, Conflicts Resolution, Overview and Case Studies-this volume is an attempt to draw the attention of those interested in the subject, besides the general reader.