ISBN 9780070635470,Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology



Tata McGraw Hill Education

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070635470

ISBN-10 0070635471


Edition 2nd
Language (English)

Educational psychology

It is very gratifying that the first edition of educational psycology was so well recieved. this is reflected in the book being given McGraw-Hill 's award as the best first edition of a textbook published in 2001 and the extremly positive comments of instructor and students. what do instructions really want in an educational psycology textbook? In preparation for the second edition and this update second edition of this book, McGraw-Hill obtained extensive feedback from a large number of instructors about what their ideal educational psycology textbook would be like. in response to instructors ' comments, much has stayed the same, and much has changed in the updated second edition. What has stayed the same is the commitment to present educational psycology as a critical foundation for becoming a competent teacher and to do so in an engaging way. I want students to feel when they have finished reading and studying this book that the information will help them become outstanding teachers who can open minds to the excitment of learning.