ISBN 9789381638255,EEG 4 English For Practical Purpose

EEG 4 English For Practical Purpose



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638255

ISBN-10 938163825X


Number of Pages 242 Pages
Language (English)

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EEG 4 English for Practical Purpose CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Science and Technology : Reading Comprehension1 Unit1 English for Practical Purposes : An Introduction Unit2 Reading and Comprehension Skills1 Unit3 Reading and Comprehension Skills2 Unit4 Reading and Comprehension Skills3 Unit5 Reading and Comprehension Skills4 Block 2 Science and Technology : Reading Comprehension2 Unit6 Petroleum by John W. Harbaugh Unit7 A Classification of Automatic Computers by Herbert Hellerman Unit8 The Stem Cell by David W. Golde Unit9 Cost of Coal Combustion by K.C. Sahu Unit10 Venus : Infernos in Disguise Block 3 Science and Technology : Writing Skills1 Unit11 Writing Definitions and Descriptions Unit12 Writing Process Explanations and Procedures Unit13 Paragraph Writing Unit14 Generalization, Classification Exemplification Unit15 Writing Instructions and Illustrations Block 4 Science and Technology : Writing Skills2 Unit16 Elements of a Report Unit17 Technical Reports : Writing Strategies Unit18 Writing Abstracts Unit19 Oral Presentation1 Unit20 Oral Presentation2 Block 5 Business Communication : Reading Skills Unit21 Reading Comprehension1 Unit22 Reading Comprehension2 Unit23 Reading Comprehension3 Unit24 Reading Comprehension4 Unit25 Reading Comprehension5 Block 6 Business Communication : Writing Skills1 Unit26 Mechanics of Writing Business Letters Unit27 Business Correspondence Unit28 Letters about Jobs Block 7 Business Communication : Writing Skills2 Unit29 Memos Unit30 Announcements, Circular Letter, Notices and Agendas Unit31 Taking Notes & Preparing Minutes Unit32 Writing Reports 1 Unit33 Writing Reports 2 Block 8 Business Communication : Oral Skills Unit34 FacetoFace Communication VS Telephonic Communication & Sending Memos Unit35 Different Types of FacetoFace Interactions Unit36 Greetings at the Workplace Unit37 Conducting and Participating in Meetings and Discussions Unit38 Conducting and Facing