ISBN 9789381690185,EHI 4 India From 16th To Mid 18th Century

EHI 4 India From 16th To Mid 18th Century



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ISBN 9789381690185

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EHI4 India from 16th to Mid 18th Century CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 India in the 16th Century Unit1 Political Formations in Central and West Asia Unit2 Polity and Economy in North India Unit3 Polity and Economy in Deccan and South India Unit4 The Trading World of Asia and the Coming of the Portuguese Block 2 Mughal Empire : Polity Unit5 Growth of Mughal Empire: 15261556 Unit6 Expansion and Consolidation: 15561707 Unit7 Relations with Central Asia and Persia Block 3 Regional Powers and the Mughals Unit8 Ahmednagar, Bijapur and Golkonda Unit9 Rajput States Unit10 Rise of the Marathas in the 17th Century Unit11 The Deccan States and the Mughals Block 4 Political Ideas and Institutions Unit12 Mughal Theory of Sovereignty Unit13 Mughal Ruling Class Unit14 Mughal Administration: Central, Provincial and Local Unit15 Mughal Administration: Mansab and Jagir Block 5 State and Economy Unit16 Fiscal and Monetary System, Prices Unit17 Agrarian Relations: Deccan and South India Unit18 Land Revenue System: Maratha, Deccan and South India Unit19 Agrarian Relations: Mughal India Unit20 Mughal Land Revenue System Block 6 Production and Trade Unit21 Agricultural Production Unit22 NonAgricultural Production Unit23 Inland and Foreign Trade Unit24 Personnel of Trade and Commercial Practices Unit25 The European Trading Companies Block 7 Society and Culture Unit26 State and Religion Unit27 Religious Ideas and Movements Unit28 Urbanisation, Urban Classes and Lifestyle Unit29 Rural Classes and Lifestyle Unit30 Population in Mughal India Block 8 Society and Culture II Unit31 Indian Languages and Literature Unit32 Science and Technology Unit33 Architecture Unit34 Painting and Fine Arts Block 9 India at the Mid 18th Century Unit35 Decline of the Mughal Empire Unit36 Rise of Regional Powers Unit37 Potentialities of Economic Growth: An Overview QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2006 2. Solution Paper June 2007 3. Solution Paper Dec 2007 and more