ISBN 9789381690192,EHI 5 India From Mid 18th To Mid 19th Century

EHI 5 India From Mid 18th To Mid 19th Century



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381690192

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EHI 5 India From Mid 18th to Mid 19th Century CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Rise of Regional Powers Unit1 Indian Polity in the mid18th Century Unit2 Bengal and Awadh Unit3 The Maratha State System Unit4 Mysore and Hyderabad Unit5 The Punjab Block 2 Capitalism and Imperialism Unit6 Mercantile to Industrial Capitalism in Europe Unit7 European Colonial Powers Block 3 British Conquest and Consolidation Unit8 The British in Eastern India up to Buxar Unit9 Conflict and Expansion South India Unit10 AngloMaratha and Mysore Wars Unit11 British Expansion North India Unit12 British Expansion Beyond Indian Frontiers Unit13 Imperial Ideology : Orientalist Construction of India and the Utiliarians Block 4 Colonial Economy Unit14 Mercantile Policies and Indian Trade Unit15 The New Land Revenue Settlements Unit16 The Commercialisation of Agriculture Unit17 DeIndustrialisation in India Unit18 Economic Impact of Colonial Rule Block 5 Cultural Contours Unit19 The Languages of Modern India Unit20 Literature in the Indian Languages Unit21 The Spread of English Education Unit22 The Indian Mind and Western Knowledge: Growth of Critical Consciousness Block 6 Impact of British Rule: Polity and Society Unit23 Constitutional Developments (17571858) Unit24 Administration and Law Unit25 Social Policy and Indian Response Block 7 Social and Cultural Change Unit26 Reform Movement I Unit27 Reform Movement II Unit28 Social Discrimination and Disprivileged Groups Block 8 Popular Revolts and Uprisings Unit29 Peasant and Tribal Uprisings Unit30 Revolt of 1857 Causes and Nature Unit31 Revolt of 1857 Course and Aftermath QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2007 2. Solution Paper Dec 2007 3. Solution Paper June 2008 4. Solution Paper Dec 2008 5. Solution Paper June 2009 6. Question Paper Dec 2009 7. Solution Paper June 2010 8. Question Paper Dec 2010 9. Solution Paper June 2011 10. Question Paper Dec 2011 11. Solution Paper June 2011