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EHI-5 India From Mid 18th To Mid 19th Century


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Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381690192

ISBN-10 9381690197


Number of Pages 239 Pages
Language English
EHI-5 India From Mid 18th to Mid 19th Century CONTENTS COVERED Block- 1 Rise of Regional Powers Unit-1 Indian Polity in the mid-18th Century Unit-2 Bengal and Awadh Unit-3 The Maratha State System Unit-4 Mysore and Hyderabad Unit-5 The Punjab Block- 2 Capitalism and Imperialism Unit-6 Mercantile to Industrial Capitalism in Europe Unit-7 European Colonial Powers Block- 3 British Conquest and Consolidation Unit-8 The British in Eastern India up to Buxar Unit-9 Conflict and Expansion-South India Unit-10 Anglo-Maratha and Mysore Wars Unit-11 British Expansion-North India Unit-12 British Expansion Beyond Indian Frontiers Unit-13 Imperial Ideology : Orientalist Construction of India and the Utiliarians Block- 4 Colonial Economy Unit-14 Mercantile Policies and Indian Trade Unit-15 The New Land Revenue Settlements Unit-16 The Commercialisation of Agriculture Unit-17 De-Industrialisation in India Unit-18 Economic Impact of Colonial Rule Block- 5 Cultural Contours Unit-19 The Languages of Modern India Unit-20 Literature in the Indian Languages Unit-21 The Spread of English Education Unit-22 The Indian Mind and Western Knowledge: Growth of Critical Consciousness Block- 6 Impact of British Rule: Polity and Society Unit-23 Constitutional Developments (1757-1858) Unit-24 Administration and Law Unit-25 Social Policy and Indian Response Block- 7 Social and Cultural Change Unit-26 Reform Movement - I Unit-27 Reform Movement - II Unit-28 Social Discrimination and Disprivileged Groups Block- 8 Popular Revolts and Uprisings Unit-29 Peasant and Tribal Uprisings Unit-30 Revolt of 1857 - Causes and Nature Unit-31 Revolt of 1857 - Course and Aftermath QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper - June 2007 2. Solution Paper - Dec 2007 3. Solution Paper - June 2008 4. Solution Paper - Dec 2008 5. Solution Paper - June 2009 6. Question Paper - Dec 2009 7. Solution Paper - June 2010 8. Question Paper - Dec 2010 and more.......