ISBN 9788174091890,Electrical Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology


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Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174091890

ISBN-10 8174091890

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Electronics engineering

The present book first discusses the fundamentals and then deals with applications of the basic principles of electrical engineering with the help of work-out problems. Infact this book begins with the circuit theory which deal adequately with both light current and heavy-current applications. The basic principles of Capacitance, Inductance, Mutual Inductance, Magnetism, and then on Induction motors - single phase and three phase, Transformers, Synchronous motors and DC motors and Generators and Alternators are covered in detail giving better understanding of the subject matter as required for the subject of basic electrical engineering. The book also deals briefly on measurements and illumination. Infact large number of worked examples has been included in the text and carefully chosen problems, with answers at the end of each chapter. Objective type questions with answers are also given at the end of most of the chapters.

Table of Contents
Engineering Mathematics Symbols and Units Basics of Electrical Science Basic Laws of Electricity and Network Analysis Network Theorem Analysis Complex Quantities Electrostatics Magnetostatics (Magnets and Magnetic Field Calculation) AC Circuits Transients Polyphase Three Phase Circuits Unbalanced Polyphase Circuits Resonance Illumination Measurements (Electrical and Electronic Measuring Instruments) Electronic Instruments Instrumentation Transducers Electrical Machines DC Machines AC Machines AC Bridges Single Phase Motors