ISBN 9780070681958,Electromagnetics




Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070681958

ISBN-10 0070681953


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 376 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

This Schaum's Outline Series book on Electromagnetic gives a complete overview of the subject. Emphasis is placed on the basic laws, theorems and problem-solving techniques. Salient Features New on EMI and EMC Includes new topical coverage on Vector Calculus, Divergence Theorem, Stoke's Theorem Planar Wave Guides and TEM Modes for enhanced coverage More than 1000 solved and unsolved problems TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface to the Adapted Third Edition xiii Preface 1: Vector Analysis 2: Coulomb Forces and Electric Field Intensity 3: Electric Flux and Gauss Law 4: Divergence and Divergence Theorem 5: The Electrostatic Field: Work, Energy and Potential 6: Current, Current Density and Conductors 7: Capacitance and Dielectric Materials 8: Laplace's Equation 9: Ampere's Law and the Magnetic Field 10: Forces and Torques in Magnetic Fields 11: Inductance and Magnetic Circuits 12: Displacement Current and Induced EMF 13: Maxwell's Equations and Boundary Conditions 14: Electromagnetic Waves 15: Transmission Lines 16: Waveguides 17: Antennas 18: Optical Waveguides and Fibers 19: EMI and EMC Appendix A1: Planar Waveguides and TEM Mode

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