ISBN 9780761994497,Electronic Communication Convergence : Policy Challenges in Asia

Electronic Communication Convergence : Policy Challenges in Asia


Mark Hukill


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780761994497

ISBN-10 0761994491

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Information Technology

This timely collection of original essays focuses on the new and exciting convergence of electronic technologies--i.e. telecommunications, broadcasting and information technology--and their impact on Asia. This volume concludes that despite Asia`s recent financial problems, investments in converging technologies of electronic communication have continued and have proved to be a barometer of recovery. Table of Contents Foreword by MEHEROO JUSSAWALLA I. TECHNOLOGIES, SERVICES AND POLICIES OF CONVERGENCE: Introduction MARK HUKILL The Technologies of Convergence CHANDRASEKHAR VALLATH Telecommunications and Development Policy in Southeast Asia: Foundations for Convergence MARK HUKILL Regulation of Internet Telephony RYOTA ONO and KUMIKO AOKI II. PERSPECTIVES ON CONVERGENCE: Convergence and China`s National Information Infrastructure JOHN URE and LIANG XIONG-JIAN Convergence in Hong Kong JOHN URE Revolutionary Changes and Conflicting Priorities in India`s Communication Environment T H CHOWDARY Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Computer Industries in Indonesia NASWIL IDRIS The Development of Media Convergence in Japan: A Historical Perspective KOICHI KOBAYASHI Convergence Development in Singapore`s Digital Environment LOH CHEE MENG, ANG PENG HWA and MARK HUKILL Convergence Policy in South Korea: The Role of Stakeholders MYUNG-JUN KIM The Challenge of Electronic Communication Convergence in Thailand: The Case of Pagers SIRICHAI SIRIKAYA and JITRAPORN SUDHIVORASETH III. IMPLICATIONS OF CONVERGENCE: Convergence Policy Challenges in Asia RYOTO ONO, MARK HUKILL and CHANDRASEKHAR VALLATH Index