ISBN 9780071070140,Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071070140

ISBN-10 0071070141


Language (English)


With a strong focus on fundamental principles of Engineering Physics and emphasis on engineering applications, this book aims to help students grasp the importance of physical concepts in real-life scenarios. The effortless language and enhanced pedagogical features make it easy for the reader to have a superior understanding of basic theories of engineering physics. Salient Features Strong emphasis on engineering applications Coverage of contemporary topics like Nonlinear Materials, Metallic Glasses, Biomaterials, Nanomaterials and Nanodevices Pedagogy: Solved examples: 190 Descriptive questions: 187 Short questions: 710 Exercises: 80 Objective type questions: 585 Illustrations: 486 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Elasticity 2. Viscosity 3. Vacuum Technique 4. Acoustics 5. Ultrasonics 6. Non-Destructive Testing 7. Interference 8. Polarisation 9. Photoelasticity 10. Optical and Other Instruments 11. Laser 12. Fiber Optics 13. Crystal Structure 14. Waves and Particles 15. Semiconductors 16. Electron Theory of Solids 17. Statistics and Band Theory of Solids 18. Transport Properties of Semiconductors 19. Superconducting Material 20. Magnetic Materials 21. Dielectric Materials 22. Nonlinear Materials 23. Metallic Glasses 24. Biomaterials 25. Nanomaterial Synthesis 26. Nanodevices

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