ISBN 9780070636040,Enterprise Grid Computing With Oracle

Enterprise Grid Computing With Oracle



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070636040

ISBN-10 0070636044


Language (English)

Computer programming

This book explains how to take full advantage of the agility, reliability, and low cost of Enterprise Grid Computing in the Oracle environment.It discusses the technologies and processes involved in moving towards the grid model at every layer of the IT stack, including storage, servers, databases and applications.Chapter 1: Motivation for Enterprise Grid Computing Chapter 2: The Evolution of Enterprise Grid Computing Chapter 3: Grid-enabling the Data Center Chapter 4: Storage Grid Chapter 5: Server Grid Chapter 6: Application Grid Chapter 7: Information Grid Chapter 8: Software Provisioning Chapter 9: Grid Management Chapter 10: Enterprise Grid Security Chapter 11: Business Continuity with an Enterprise Grid Chapter 12: Steps to Grid Adoption