ISBN 9781781252093,Enterprise Rules

Enterprise Rules


Don Young



Hachette Book Publishing

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781781252093

ISBN-10 1781252092


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


Management has been subverted by an emphasis on short term financial results and the prescriptions and potions of management witch doctors, with the result that so many managers today focus on the wrong things and communicate in meaningless jargon in carrying out jobs that have little if any meaning to them. It is time for all that to change. Don Young makes a devastating case about how management has in so many companies lost its way and needs to get back on track. He outlines the tried and tested principles that companies need to follow in order to become high achievers, setting them in the context of the role of the social sciences in understanding and motivating and co-ordinating the most crucial resource of any organisation, its people. He also stresses the crucial ability manager needs to sort and synthesise the array of information and signals they are presented with. He goes on to show how in practice managers can, through the process of action learning, put their companies in a position where they are able to exploit the principles that determine high achievement, and make life better for everyone they serve. And he does all this with irresistible verve.

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